rules of the forum (plese read)

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rules of the forum (plese read)

Post  Admin on Sat Oct 09, 2010 1:54 pm

The rules of this forum are simple:
1. No getting other people angry
2. No high-R rated stories (if it is in the low R catagory, please mark it as such)
3. The same thing as rule 2 applies to new threads and posts
4. Links to raw/scanned manga are allowed just as long as it falls into the PG-PG13 (pokemon special/adventures may be an exception)
5. Mini modding is allowed as long as you don't get someone's thread locked (that is the job of moderators or myself)
6. Unless you have to, DON'T SWEAR. This is the biggest rule around here
7. No flamming or name callin' other people ( relates to rule 1)
That's basically it around here. And rember, TRY TO KEEP IT KID-TEEN rated
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