Taking Flight

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Taking Flight

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Hello, here's Taking Flight
Chapter 1-a wing broken
1/2 day after accident
Dang this is hard. I have no other thing to do, so I guess I should tell you how this all started.
I was free, able to do anything in my limitations. Able to eat, sleep,and basically anything that would be possiblibly be done in the maple tree-filled air without killing myself in the process. Then a governmental system was formed, along with laws. A few days later, I was forced out for unnecessary behavior (I'll get to that, eventually), unable to see friends or family unless otherwise admitted back. Later that day, I got driven almost past the point of insanity. So I had to break another law (heck, why am I even caring, I've got nothing left to lose). I so I ate from a nectar feeder.
As I was eating (drinking), I heard barking but it was distant. But instinct told me I should of left earlier, followed by a sharp pain in my right wing. Whatever had pierced my wing wasn't letting go, but went deeper and deeper, with the pain almost making me pass out when a voice shouted: "Stop Louis! Bad dog!". And in that instant I fainted.
When I had woke up a few hours later, a state of confusion and fear got me. Where was I? Was I dead? Then it had hit me. I checked my wing and I saw it was in bandage. So then the last thing to worry about where I was.
Unfortunately, I couldn't explore much so I gave up and went back to where I had woke.
"Oh there you are, tiny hummer*," the man that had rescued said as he brought in a bowl of liquid I didn't know."I hope my dog didn't harm you enough to keep you grounded for life. Heck, I don't even know why I'm talking to you; it's not like you can understand me."
Truth was that I had understood every word that passed his teeth (will get to that too).
"Go ahead, drink it," the man pestered.
I guessed that it wasn't poisonous, so I went ahead and slurped some through my beak. It had tasted exactly like the sugary fluid from before the accident, but I still drank it until it was empty.
"Wow you were hungry."
You don't say? I had thought angrily. Then I heard it,the same menacing bark from before.
"Louis, shut up!" He scolded and the "dog" ran away with it's tail between its legs. "Wow, it getting late. Time to go to bed."
As for me, just waking up, I couldn't go back to sleep. So I decided to explore more. Along the way I had found the typewriter I'm on now, and the thought came by that I should write what happened so far, for possible importance. Then I fell asleep.
I hope you like the first chapter and please leave comments and tell me what I would need to improve on.


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